2012: A Review

by Meredith Day

The new year has become an important time for me.

Even though I am a perpetual student, and my years normally begin in August-- the January new year somehow continues to be extremely monumental for me. However, before I look forward into the approaching newness, it's important to take a look back and see where I've been this year...

In January, I started my last semester at Belmont and began a writing internship at Cross Point Church. I met a ton of great writers, got to build my portfolio, and played a lot of cornhole.

In February, I began the grad school search by visiting my top three choices: Princeton, Union, and Yale. It was a great trip with my mom, and I was wide-eyed at all of the possibility before me.

This past March, I road-tripped to Texas for Spring break with 3 of my closest friends! We ate crawfish, shot a hog, and ran ourselves ragged all over east Texas.

April was probably my biggest month this year. I celebrated my 22nd birthday, chose the school of my dreams at a "reveal party", helped the talented Matt Wright record a worship album, and ran my first half-marathon!

May was a big month too! I graduated from Belmont on May 5th and my closest friends took a trip to the beach to celebrate. We basked in the sun all day, ate great seafood at night, and remembered all that God had done for us.

In June, I went on the first half of a summer tour with Student Life as an actress!

At the beginning of July, we finished up the tour and I headed back to Nashville to spend a few last days with my people. During July, I flew in DJ's plane for the first time, performed in front of 8,000 students, and paid homage to the Coca Cola factory in Atlanta. It was a good month.

On the first day of August, I said goodbye to Tennessee. It was terrible.

But just a few days later, I drove 27 hours across the country with my parents to move to my new home: Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

In September, two of my best friends got engaged! While I was ecstatic for them, I remembered how far away Connecticut is.

October was full of reading books and fall leaves.

November came in quickly with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. As northerners picked up the pieces, I saw true community. However, right after the hurricane, we got our first big snow and I was reminded of grace. This southern girl was in heaven with all of the snow! My best friend Kelsey came up for a visit, and she gave me the energy I needed to finish off the semester.

In December, I survived through my first round of final exams, took a quick trip to New York, and celebrated Christmas at home in Texas with my family.

2012 has certainly not been the easiest year of my life. I've had countless moments of fear and heartbreak. But, if I have learned anything from 2012, it is that life is about saying yes to the opportunities placed in front of you. Bob Goff talks a lot about this in his book, "Love Does." (If you haven't read this book, PLEASE do yourself a favor and pick up a copy)

I've learned (once again) that God's will doesn't look like 2 doors-- one with a million dollars behind it and a guy wanting to kill you behind the other. It is not as if we can pick the wrong door once and be out of God's plan forever. Instead, the deepest desires of our hearts--the longings that are most intertwined with the truest part of who we are-- are waiting in expectation to be fulfilled by the Creator God. And God opens up a hundred doors, raises windows, and plows through walls to give us the chance to just. say. yes.

Friends, don't be mistaken. If 2012 has taught me anything it is that saying yes--continually saying yes-- is not easy. We have to mutter it, if even quietly, every morning when the sun hits our eyes. Nothing about it is easy. But it is worth it.

So so worth it.