by Meredith Day

Hello friends!

If you are reading this, you have no doubt been constantly checking my domain name for weeks upon weeks in anticipation for this day-- the day when my, "hey-I-think-I'm-gonna-start-a-blog-like-a-forreal-type-blog" comment to you would finally come to fruition.

...or it popped up on your newsfeed.

Regardless of how you got here though, I'm glad you made it.

 I know you are looking forward to hearing about all of the recipes I'm cooking, the sights of Yale University, or the new earrings I just bought...

But I also hope that this will be a space that we can share... where we will both be free to tell the secrets of who we truly and fully are.
That's why I write.
That's the good stuff.
Hope you will stick around for a bit.

Alright, good talk.

Until next time....I'll be over here. Watching the Olympics.